Developing your presence as a Coach

Presence is a key aspect of a succesful Coaching practice. Your presence as a coach determines the relationship with your Coaching client. On May 28, we are starting the training "Developing your presence as a Coach" with Robert Dilts, Joseph O'Connor, Andrea Lages and Lars-Eric Unestahl, worldwide recognized Master Trainers. Please take a look to.. read more →

Coaching Supervision Training starts on March 2013

Take the next step towards your professional coaching practice and equipe yourself with key supervision skills and models. Extend your business supervising other coaches and gain insights about your current coaching practice. Know more about the Coaching Supervision Training read more →

Webinar Recording Coaching Perspectives

Coaching perspectives – how you look determines what you see with Joseph O’Connor and Andrea Lages founders of the master Coach academy This webinar explores one of the most important models in coaching – the perspective you take on yourself and your client. You will find out how this affects your coaching, and some practical.. read more →