Lars-Eric Unestahl

Lars-Eric Unestahl - MCA Faculty Member

Lars-Eric Uneståhl - MCA Faculty Member

Lars-Eric Uneståhl, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist, Professor in Applied Psychology and Mental Training and President for Scandinavian International University, living in Örebro, Sweden but with activities in many countries around the world.

He has for example served as a visiting professor at University of Hawaii and University of California LB in USA, Flinders University in Australia, Chandigarh University in India and has taught at universities in 19 additional countries. He organized the VI International Congress in Hypnosis and Psychosomatic Medicine in Uppsala 1973 (ISH) and have been a President for six other world congresses ( in Sport Psychology (Copenhagen 1985), Mental Training (Örebro1991 and St Petersburg 2003), Excellence in Sport and Life with sub congresses in Coaching, NLP and in Mental Training (Beijing 2008 and Kosovo 2011).

He has been a Board member in ISH – International Society of Hypnosis, ISSP – International Society of Sport Psychology, ICC – International Coaching Community and he is the founding President for the International Society of Mental Training and Excellence. He has written over 100 research articles about Mind-Body issues, Alternative States of Consciousness, The effects of Training, etc.

One of his 21 books received Arthur Shapiros price for the best book about hypnosis. His last book, published 2012 has the title: Coaching with Mental Training. His mental training programs has been used by more than 25% of the Swedish population in areas like Sport, Performing Arts, Education, Health and Clinical Areas, Personal development and Leadership. Internationally he is most known for his Sport programs, has worked with Olympic Committees in 14 countries and participated in most Olympics since 1976.

He is a member of The Baltic Academy of Science in Russia.