Our international faculty is taken from the world’s leading coaching authors, trainers and practitioners. Their depth of knowledge ensures this Master coaching certification will make a difference to your skills and your financial and professional success.


Joseph O’Connor

Joseph O'Connor - Master Coach Academy Founding Faculty

Joseph O'Connor - Master Coach Academy Founding Faculty

Joseph O’Connor, Master Coach Academy Founder.  Joseph is one of the world’s best known and most respected trainers of coaching and NLP.  He is the co-founder with Andrea Lages of the International Coaching Community, the third largest coach training organization in the world, with 7,000 certified coaches in 60 countries.  He is the best-selling author of seventeen books, which have been translated into twenty nine languages and have sold over 500,000 copies worldwide.

His book, ´Introducing NLP´ has been used for over ten years as the basic reference book for NLP study and has sold over 100,000 copies.

Joseph has also supported many companies in creating strategic change, including Citibank, BA, HP Invent, and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna. His latest book, co written with Andrea Lages is ‘Authentic Leadership’ due to be published by AC Black in 2013.

Andrea Lages

Andrea Lages - Master Coach Academy Founding Faculty

Andrea Lages - Master Coach Academy Founding Faculty

Andrea Lages, Master Coach Academy Founder.  Andrea is one of the most respected coaching trainers in the world.  She is co-founder of the ICC, and is an internationally certified NLP trainer, consultant, business trainer and executive coach. Living in London, she works internationally doing NLP certification courses, international Coaching certification trainings, and seminars on communication skills, systemic thinking, leadership, and goal setting, with individuals and teams.

She has worked in Mexico, Spain, Poland, Denmark, Malta, Brazil and the UK. She speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently and does trainings in all three languages.  Recognized as one of the top executive coaches in Brazil, her clients have included Certisign (Verisign – Brazil).

With Joseph, she is the co-author of both ‘Coaching with NLP – How to Become a Master Coach. And ‘How Coaching Works’. (Short listed for Financial Times business book of the year 2007).