We support coaches committed to personal, professional and spiritual growth to build a practice that makes money and a difference to its clients.

The Challenge

Coaching is an amazing profession and faces three challenges at the moment.

  • Coaching skills are not enough to be a successful coach.

    Coaching skills are important, but in the coaching profession, who you are is as important as what you do. Few programs develop the presence of the coach. Presence comes from human and spiritual development; it does not come from learning more about coaching.
    The Master Coach Certification develops the coach’s presence.

  • Established business practices do not work for coaches.

    Coaches who want to make a difference and are purpose driven are unlikely to excel at business models and business systems. Coaches want to work and prosper, but find it very difficult to sell their services in a way that is both congruent and with integrity.
    The Master Coach Certification gives systems that will work to market coach services and enrol clients in a clean and effective way with integrity.

  • Coaching is a new profession and no clear career path yet.

    Also many trainings foster unrealistic expectations. The Master Coach Certification is designed for coaches who are established but want to reach the higher levels of coaching practice
    and make an abundant income while doing so.

The Opportunity

1. Masterful expertise.

Graduates will learn tested, integrated models of coaching. There are already many coach trainings dealing with coaching skills and models. In this part of the course we want to go both more deeply into existing models, give new models and ways of thinking and integrate existing models.

2. Masterful presence.

Graduates will have the ability to support clients in their commitment to their highest goals and values, through their level of presence and holding the space for the client. Who they are is more important than what they do. Graduates are not simply problem solvers, but support deep change and transformational growth. This means the Master Coach Academy supports their continued personal and spiritual development.

3. Conscious business

There is a gap between the level of value offered by most purpose driven coaches and transformational leaders, and the level of success they create.
We believe this is because traditional business practices don’t work well for coaches, neither practically nor energetically. Selling services that support the transformation of consciousness requires using a new, different, more conscious way of doing business. Graduates will get master skills to create an abundant business based on conscious enrolment of clients.