Omar Salom - MCA Faculty Member

Omar Salom - MCA Faculty Member

Consultant on Organizational Change and Executive Development for more than 20 years.

He has designed and executed Managerial Development Programs for more than 8 consecutive years at Monsanto in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina and the U.S.
He was the Executive Coaching Program Designer for Metlife (Mexico) and he is still the Upper Management Coach for the whole executive team.
For over a year, he developed an Executive Coaching Program for the Senior Management and the High Potential Executives of Scotia Bank.

He has carried out Executive Coaching Programs for the Top Talent at Cadbury during three consecutive years.
He has worked as an Upper Management Consultant for Rheem Manufacturing for four consecutive years.

He has rendered his services as a consultant for the General Direction of Siemens on executive development processes during the last year and is still the coach for the president and the board of directors.

He is a psychologist and was a Post-graduate professor of the Management Faculty at the Universidad del Rosario, in Bogota, Colombia.
He is a co-author of the Book entitled Routledge Companion to International Business Coaching, published by Michael Moral.

He is a Developer and trainer of Executive Coaching Certification Programs (15 generations until 2010) and Advanced Coaching Certifications (2 generations).
He is a Founding Member of the Mexican Coaching Association; and Master Coach by the Mexican Coaching Association.


These are some of the topics that I will include but is not limited to these:

  • How to co-create a way to measure a see-hear clear-cut results during the coaching sessions.
  • How to help the coachee to “bring to the muscle” his reflections and insights.
  • Practical ways to relate the goals of the organization to the specific goals of the coaching program.
  • Useful ways to link the feedback process with observational exercises and the coaching process.