Patryk Wezowski - Master Coach Academy Faculty Member

Patryk Wezowski

Patryk Wezowski – Body Language Expert, Internet Marketer

Patryk is a top speaker and author in the field of Body Language and Internet Marketing. Two weeks before the Belgian elections, newspapers published his prediction of the results, based on the non-verbal communication of the politicians. When the results were known, his prediction proved to be 85% accurate.


Kasia Wezowski - MCA Faculty Member

Kasia Wezowski

Kasia Wezowski – Body Language Transformation Expert, Business Coach

Kasia has completed 3 university Master degrees at the same time: Psychology, Sociology and Law. She worked for many top companies, specializing in creating business strategies and facilitating change. She created over 30 methods to balance stress and increase effectiveness.



Patryk and Kasia Wezowski are both pioneers in combining expertise in technical innovation with emotional awareness. They are known as Europe’s leading Body Language Experts and created the world’s only Micro Expressions Training program with videos.

Kasia and Patryk founded the Center for Body Language and created the Release Coaching method. They mentor company leaders how to generate more sales, using Internet Marketing and social media with a conscious and authentic approach.

At the MCA, Patryk and Kasia will let you discover how to generate more profits in business coaching using Internet Marketing